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We can see all the light


A transactional space is the main part in delivering sensation in life. It does not divide space into sections but create connections in between. It is more likely to change a closed space into opened one; from definite to merged; from one single way to multi-direction.


This project is designed under an opened flat layout in which different behaviors were under consideration.We tried to alleviate boundaries, to make the space in a sequential order naturally and to feel the relaxed ambience.


Lines of facade are precise and clear, the application of geographical patterns create broadness in this space.The big cut-out connects in and out, leading daylight floods into space and juxtaposing light and shade to mediate diverse sensation. All of this is as an illusion, its forms and angles gently shepherding the scene back here.


 實用性方面,將各項機能與空間結合隱於無形,也滿足居住者的使用需求,  回字型沙發帶來多面向使用,映襯隱藏大型拉門的白色塊體,將空間整合、淨化,創造寧靜、聚攏。
When considering practical use, we have integrated the function of different objects into the space, however residential needs are always stand as priority.The monochromatic grey-blue modular sofa lies in the middle, surrounds white wall which has sliding door inside. It is a highlight of the space and enhances a calming, purifying visual focus.



Its materials such as blue leather, veneer with knots, mineral dyestuff, black mirror that pays tribute to the enduring appeal of artisanship.


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