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Celsius Hair Salon


It is a 30x 5.5 meters long and narrow house standing on street,started their career-being as the art of hair-designers.




The space was designed mainly for female customers, we would like to make the environment cozy and warm, to be left with a good impression of experience.




Colors are being used in contraction so that customers could stay in between hardness and softness. Big boys could be the gentlemen who understand you whilst address a fabulous look of you.




The soar high pressure was alleviated by the broad and flat section with 2.6 meters height, meanwhile, strengthening the depth of space.




The design of film studio was the solution we came up to fit in the restriction of long and narrow space.In addition to distinguish inner and outer space, the open diagonal styling could also feature for photographic works, hair workshops and branding image.




The 6-meter long bar caters for reception, storage, waiting area and F&B function.Customers who are waiting will be sitting in an opposite direction to people who are having hair- cutting, remaining both a comfortable and easy atmosphere.Designers would be focus on their work and staff who look after the bar could manage and support all things in the space.




The change in color tones and the uniqueness of the space increase sensation and ease off impatient emotions of customers who spending a long time here.



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