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Flat H



Located in a building in the city, the flat faces the street with broad horizons of mountains around. Despite of its satisfactory position and environment, the original layout of the flat hinders the natural light and ventilation, and this creates a gap from the ideal home of the newly weds.




Thinking of what are the essentials of living, daylighting it is. Hence, in the initial stage, we decided to tear down the two walls surrounded the respective two bedrooms and arranged the flows between living room, dining room, and two bedrooms as a shape of H. 




The sliding doors separates different rooms while closed. Meanwhile, they also extend the space beyond the doors and expand the living area of newly weds while opened.The room with double bed stand, which incorporated book shields, shows a wide possibilities for guest room, study room, and future children room. The strengthened structure of bed stand enables it to transform into bunk beds in the future. The L-shaped closet system designs not only contain large storage space but also incorporate the two entrances of restrooms. Pure white closets makes the space minimalism. 



Warm oak, white Walls, along with simple grey marble are the main color tones of the flat. Accompanied with natural lighting and ventilation, the colors create tranquilness and brightness.



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